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How Do You Benefit?

Finding the right partner to work with can be difficult, however, and the consequences of choosing poorly, severe. This is why having in hand as much information as possible is crucial when the time comes to make a decision.

Making the wrong choices can have serious financial consequences, as you could end up paying more than you should, reducing the advantage you created for yourself when outsourcing. More importantly, lost packages or order shipped could damage your brand and your reputation!

CanadianFulfillmentCenter.com offers you a free reference service; we maintain a fully updated database of Canadian order fulfillment center and drop-shipping companies; each has been investigated by our team, and their respective areas of expertise have been evaluated and ranked.

Let Us Help You

Having any type of online eCommerce business, or offline distribution company requires you to operate an order fulfillment and shipping department. The odds are good you didn’t get in the business to run a shipping department: you just need to do it because your business depends on it.

The advantages of outsourcing your order fulfillment department to an outside company are many: you can take advantage of their discounts with major shipping companies (UPS, FedEx, etc.), which reduces your shipping costs, and more importantly, you don’t need to support a massive shipping infrastructure and overhead.

Canadian Fulfillment Facts
  • Myth – You should always choose the biggest order fulfillment center you can, because they offer better prices and service.

    Fact – Smaller 3PLs almost always beat the big ones for service and prices. They actually want your business!

    Information About Order Fulfillment
  • Myth – You will lose control of your inventory when you outsource your order fulfillment department.

    Fact – Fully integrated fulfillment centers give you as much control over your inventory as if it was under your roof!

    Information About Order Fulfillment
  • Myth – Only large eCommerce companies can benefit from Canadian order fulfillment partnerships.

    Fact – Order fulfillment can work for for companies of all kinds of size and scope. The key is partnering with the right one.

    Information About Order Fulfillment

We will find you Canadian eCommerce fulfillment companies that are fully compatible with all your sales channels!

What is Our Specialty?

We are experts at understanding the exact needs of an eCommerce business and then finding Canadian fulfillment companies that can meet all those needs. After carefully reviewing your information, we will have the best suited fulfillment companies competing for your business.

The rest is up to you. Review each business proposal and choose the one you feel is the best match.

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Canadian Fulfillment


Is your eCommerce business is the ideal candidate for outsourcing Canadian Order Fulfillment operations?

eCommerce Fulfillment Industries
While several answers may spring to mind, the fact is that there is a Canadian order fulfillment company that will be able to be a reliable and effective partner to you. You seek to concentrate on your core, profit-making activities, and CanadianFulfillmentCenter.com can help you find the perfect partner. While some order fulfillment centers will not handle certain types of merchandise, there’s always another one who will.

Industries Served

  • Clothing and Apparel
  • Electronics
  • Toys and Novelties
  • Video Games
  • DVD’s and Other Media
  • Books and Magazines
  • Promotional Materials
  • Small Appliances
  • Health Supplements
  • And Much More!

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